Vision & Skills


Hi, my name is Cristian, I’m a young architect and also a visual designer, photographer and a self-taught guitarist based in Bucharest, Romania. Other significant skills are Product Design, Architectural Models, Digital Art and Videography.

My biggest strength is the audacity of my imagination. I am here to refine, embellish, make attractive, decorate or even spice up the image of your work. Equipped with cameras, computers, Wacom graphic tablet, guitars and other tools of all kinds, I give life to your projects by animating them.

I seek to provide all of the above mentioned skills following a holistic approach so that each and every one of my clients gets more than just a custom project. My goal is not only to provide them with one of my services but with two or more of them, therefore delivering them a unified concept of all creativity needed to satisfy their needs.

Bring your ideas to life!


AXE-NOI Studio was established in September of 2017 in a small studio overlooking Obor Square in Bucharest, capital city of Romania. In 2019 I designed a modern version of the studio which represents a blend between a cozy home and a creative studio, and it also serves as a full-scale model of my design principles and the latest in design tendencies.

Architectural Concept
Interior Design
Model Making
Film Making
Logo Design
Digital Illustration
Musical Composition
3D Modeling
3D Rendering
Photo Shooting
Photo Editing
Photo Printing
Video Editing
Audio Editing
“Art is not to be consumed... Art recognises you,
you recognise it and recognise yourself through it.”
“As architects we draw shadows
in order to represent the light.”
"The perfect angle doesn't exist but you can imagine it.
Imagination is perfect."

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